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Posted: February 07, 2013 | 0 Comments

Aquatic Therapy – Benefits and Basic Overview

Aquatic therapy is physical rehabilitation that is done in a pool of water, usually a heated swimming pool. Hydrotherapy can include water-based exercises but it also can include any use of water to help the body heal or remain healthy.

Aquatic Therapy Benefits

Aquatic therapy uses the properties of water—including warmth, buoyancy, warmth, and turbulence—to increase the speed at which patients heal from trauma or surgeries, to relieve pain and stress, and to reduce muscle spasms. Aquatic therapy allows movement without regular gravity, since the water helps support the body, which means the patient can get a workout for non-injured parts of the body as well.

Aquatic Therapy Participants

Aquatic Therapy Warnings

Aquatic therapy may not be right for everyone. Patients with certain types of heart conditions may not be able to participate in healthy rehabilitation in water. People with fevers, active infections, or problems with bladder or bowel control probably should not use aquatic therapy. Before using aquatic therapy, it’s important that the patient be evaluated thoroughly by an experienced healthcare professional to ensure aquatic therapy won’t worsen the patient’s conditions.

Aquatic Therapy Strategies

Most aquatic therapy is performed in water that is at least waist-deep, but other forms of the therapy can be used in deeper or shallower water, depending on the patient’s needs and condition.

Special Aquatic Therapy Types

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