Drug Screening in Your Job Or Workplace – Pass With Counterfeit Urine

Drug Screening in Your Job Or Workplace – Pass With Counterfeit Urine

Drinking lots of fluid prior to the test 

One of the cheapest and easiest way to getting a negative pee test even after using drugs, is taking a lot of water. The urine drug test measures amount of the drug metabolites in water. You realize that drugs under various steps of metabolism then the metabolites and the inactive components of the drugs may be eliminated through various routs e.g. in urine, feaces, sweat among other routes. 

Drinking a lot of water will results in series of dilution of the urine. This possibly cause low metabolite concentration in the urine. In some cases, the metabolites may be absent. 

It is also important that you know that fluids can lower your creatinine levels. This can cost you as creatinine levels are always tested. Fluids can also result in production of clear urine. Those with no scientific understanding may reject your urine based on its color, which is very wrong. But you don’t want to start an argument with them 

If you are to drink water for purposes of dilution of the urine, it’s important to drink water just before the test. Some people are of the opinion, that drinking water, days before the test is better. But that is utterly wrong. Like in the case of marijuana, THC is insoluble and therefore water doesn’t clear it from the system. What water does is to dilute the urine reducing the metabolite levels. It is also important that you know that water doesn’t clear the drug off your system, neither does it dilute the urine permanently. 

Too much water could be dangerous. As you take a lot of fluids to dilute the urine, be careful not to over-hydrate. Too much water can cause damages to internal organs e.g. the kidney. 

Using fake pee or pee from a friend 

You may also consider using someone else’s pee. You can also try to buy some by visiting www.bestsyntheticurine.net.  This works but equally very risk. It could land you in jail. Think about a situation when you are in for a job interview, and you know very well that you are stoned, do you proceed to give your urine concentrated on the metabolites of the drug. What do you do? 

How about if you are in a position to get a pee from a stranger? It becomes tricky if the person in question is a stranger. How about if he is a chief consumer of the illegal stuff? If anything you don’t know him. 

This works but if it has to be done, then you must be very careful. 

Some guys have gone to the extent of filling their bladder with other people’s urine, non-smokers of course. A creative idea, but very risky. This can go a long way to lead to infections. You may not even live to enjoy the fruits of your job. You risk suffering from Urinary tract infections. 

Yet still others have proposed another way of settling this. The idea is that you try and pee several times in the morning before the test. Study has shown that if you are peeing for the first time, the concentration of the metabolites will be high. So if you pee several times before the test, chances are, the concentration of the metabolites will be down. 

Your first pee is the dirtiest, full of metabolites. When you are to collect your urine samples, try and get the midstream urine. It has the lowest concentration of metabolites.