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Posted: January 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Acupressure Basics Revealed, AltMeds Beginners Guide

Have you ever wished you could just stop sneezing, or feeling nauseous? Have you ever been driven completely crazy by hiccups at the worst possible time? These bodily reactions seem to be beyond your control, but there is a way you can influence how your body reacts: it’s acupressure!


The simple act of using your fingertips to apply pressure to specific points on your body can often stop a hiccup in mid-gulp, or calm queasiness instantly.

What’s Different About Acupressure?

Acupressure is a type of alternative medical treatment that differs from conventional Western medicine because it’s based on a different principle—the idea that illness (or even discomfort) is caused by a blockage in the flow of your life energy. Acupressure is related to acupuncture because they use the same points on the body—but in acupressure, only pressure is applied, rather than needles.

How Does Acupressure Work?

Acupressure involves pressing firmly, usually with the tip of a finger, on a specific point. The Chinese say enough pressure must be applied to cause a “sweet” sensation or mild ache at the point. The pressure is released quickly, but may be reapplied to the same point a moment later.

What Can Acupressure Treat?

Acupressure_Self_Administered_to_HandAcupressure has been used to treat a wide variety of ailments—the same conditions treated by acupuncture. But acupressure is most often used to ease pain or relieve uncomfortable symptoms like nausea.

Does Acupressure Hurt?

The pressure of acupressure can be uncomfortable but should not cause real pain. The point where energy is blocked is often tender, which is one way to know if you’re on the right spot. Ironically, many people turn to acupressure because they are afraid of the needles of acupuncture—yet acupuncture is almost always entirely painless, because the needles are so fine.

Can I Treat Myself With Acupressure?

Yes, you can successfully perform acupressure on yourself. Some popular points where you can self-administer acupressure include:

Stimulate each point with pressure until you feel relief or until the pressure becomes uncomfortable. Be gentle with yourself; remember, you are treating the flow of subtle energy, not trying to stop blood circulation.

Is Acupressure OK for Kids?

Acupressure can be a handy way to handle minor discomfort. Children are especially easy to treat with acupressure, and much less pressure is needed—just touching the acupoints is often enough to create an effect in a young child. The next time your child has the hiccups, gently place your index fingers in the indentation behind each of his earlobes and hold for a moment as you watch the hiccups vanish, as if by magic!

Important Note:

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